We would like to thank all parents for cooperation during the last year of Hymns and Coptic teaching classes and we would like to wish you another successful year ahead for 2017-2018.


Hymns and/or Coptic language teaching classes are from grade 3 to grade 11. Maximum capacity allowed per class will be 25.




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 Hymns and Coptic Teaching Service – STGJ



  • Behave as Christians, taking our Lord Jesus Christ as our role model.

  • Any un-Christian behavior or attitude (e.g. fighting, foul language, etc…) is not allowed.

  • Show respect to everyone and respect most your servants and leaders.

  • No food or beverages are allowed, and all rubbish must be placed in bins.

  • No electronic, or any similar appliances are allowed for the full duration of the service.

  • No loud noises allowed after service especially in the area around the church.

  • Before departure all rooms and surrounding premises should be thoroughly cleaned.



Disciplinary measures will be put in place to ensure a spiritual healthy learning environment for children.


Steps taken as corrective measures:

The Hymns and Coptic service will use the following 6 steps to reinforce positive behavior.


The 5 corrective actions that will be used in progression are:

Level 1:  The class servant does a verbal warning and discussion with the child.

Level 2: Parents will be contacted by the class servant for a visit.

Level 3: Parents will be invited to participate with the child the following lesson.

Level 4: The First written notice to the parents, the child will be required not to participate for 1 weeks.

Level 5: The Second written notice to the parents, the child will be required not to participate for 3 weeks.

Level 6: The Third written notice to the parents, the child registration will be cancelled for the rest of the year.