Mahragan Al Keraza 2022
Live in Peace




Game Rules
  1. All players, parents and coaches must conduct themselves in the image of Christ.

  2. Fees are 35$ for Junior and 60 $ for Grade 4 - 11

  3. Referees’ decisions are final.

  4. Inappropriate behavior from all players, coaches and parents may lead to disqualification. It is at the coordinators/referees’ discretion to intervene during the game.

  5. Only the coach and the captain can speak for the sake of the team.

  6. It is the church and players’ responsibility to be on time. Please aim to be present 30 minutes before your scheduled game. If the team is not complete 10 minutes into the game, they will lose by forfeit (3-0 loss for hockey and soccer).

  7. It is the coaches’ responsibility to make sure that all players have passed the exam the day before the games

  8. Participants may not play if they did not pass the exam the day before the games.

  9. If a participant played without passing the exam, the team will lose by forfeit.

  10. Participants can only play in one group; 10-13, 14-17 or 18-26. Players cannot be in teams younger than their age group, but can play with an older age group.

General Rules

  1. A participant can only play in one age category. An exception can be made if, for example, Saint Mark’s Church didn’t have a hockey team for a certain age group and a youth of that group wanted to participate.

  2. Participants cannot play for 2 churches. An exception can be made if and ONLY if participants want to play a certain sport that their church doesn’t take part in. For example, Archangel Michael doesn’t have a hockey team so an Archangel Michael player can join Virgin Mary’s hockey team only, and partake the other sports with their own church. (Participants need to check with their coordinator that their church has no team in the specific sport before playing with another church!)

  3. Please make sure your payment has been issued to your servant the day before the games, including 18-26.

  4. All youth must wear the uniform of their church to play, unless given permission by their church’s coordinator.

  5. This is a church tournament: To play in the tournament you need to have a father of confession. Meaning that the coaches need to make sure that every player in the team has permission from their father of confession.