Pre-Marriage Course

The Churches of Montreal have jointly agreed that couples are required to complete a pre-marriage course prior to their marriage ceremony.

St. George and St. Joseph’s Church will hold a Pre-Marriage Course approximately twice a year.
Couples who are planning to get married should attend and complete the Pre-Marriage Course as early as possible during their relationship/engagement period to ensure there is no delay with their wedding planning.

Please click the link below and fill out the form to register.


What is the Pre-Marriage Course?

The Pre-Marriage Course is a Christian based course founded on Christian marriage counseling principles.


The Pre-Marriage Course is a combination of short talks and workshops for couples. Throughout each session, short talks are held with other couples present and the workshops are done by the couples privately.


The Pre-Marriage Course consists of 6 topics held during 3 Sessions.


Each session of the Pre-Marriage takes approximately 2 hours to complete.


Session 1: Communication and Commitment

Session 2: Resolving Conflicts and Keeping Love Alive

Session 3: Shared values and Orthodoxy



Couples can register here:

Once there are enough couples and a session scheduled, registered couples will be contacted with the information provided and invited to join.