St. Timothy Bible School!


Dear parents

As the fourth year of Saint Timothy’s Biblical School will be soon coming to an end,

we would like to encourage you to subscribe for the new coming year (2018–2019)

The registration form is to be filled online on the church website:


Prior to paying the fees to Mrs. Caroline Gayed

Who is available every Sunday from 11:00-12:30 in the main church basement.

Registration will be from Sunday, May 6th until June 3rd, 2018.

+ Registration fees: 50.00 $ (cash or check) “this is only the material cost”

+ Fees will be accepted only when the website form is filled.

+ The maximum capacity per class is 20.

+ A waiting list will be available in case of overcapacity.

+ Based on the registration number, another class could be opened, if it is possible.

For children already enrolled:

Please reserve your spot for next year by following the instructions above.

Keep the binders, the agpeya (for grade 4,5,6) and bibles that were delivered to you previously.

Come and invite others to participate