Family In Christ Event


The Family In Christ is a series of lectures The Church conducted about Communication in the family.


Video, Audio and presentations are below at this page


Presentation Video Audio Subject الموضوع التاريخ

Art of Empowerment

فن التشجيع

10 مارس 2013



17 مارس 2013

Role of Man & Woman

دور الرجل و دور المراة

24 مارس 2013

Pornography & School Related Material

المواضيع الجنسية و المدرسة

31 مارس 2013

Raising Kids in Western Society

تربية الاولاد فى الغرب

07 ابريل 2011

Integrate God in our Homes

الرب فى بيوتنا

14 ابريل 2011


The Art of Communication

فن الاتصال

21 ابريل 2011





The Church will announce more Events soon