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A prayer by Fr. Daoud Lami.

Very touching. Listen here

Holy Week page

 Church Schedule from Last Friday of Lent till Easter.

Happy returns of the days

The Passion

Comprises the very last week of Jesus' life on Earth.

It began on Palm Sunday and concluded on the morning of Easter Sunday.


Hosanna Sunday
On this day, we declare Jesus Christ our King! When the time came for our Salvation, He entered Jerusalem publicly among the people who came to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem. When the Lord approached the city, the multitude started to praise Him with words specified for the coming Messiah saying “Hosanna in the Highest. This is the King of Israel. Blessed is He, who comes in the Name of Lord of Hosts.” It was customary that a king riding a donkey came in peace. One riding a horse came for war. The King of Peace rode a colt, a new animal, never ridden before. Jesus was a New King and sat on a new animal. The colt, a symbol of the New Testament, was ridden for the first time and was accompanied by its mother (Old Testament) to be tamed. The Lord crowned the Old Testament by the New Testament. This day was the day that the Jews used to select the lambs to be slaughtered for Passover. They would keep these lambs for four days. On this day, they selected the Lord as the sacrificial lamb.
Monday: The Tree of Life
On this day, Jesus Christ reveals to us His power over all creation. On the way from Bethany to the temple, the Lord Jesus Christ cursed a fig tree that was full of leaves but bore no fruit. This was an example of those who called themselves believers who have a good exterior, but are fruitless. When the Lord entered the temple, He drove out those who were buying and selling in it to keep it undefiled. This day, the Lord tells us that as the Creator, He has the power and the right over all creation. Each creation is intended for a specific purpose. Man and tree alike are intended to bear fruit. When they do not bear fruit and only appear to the world as fruitful, it greatly displeases the Lord.

Tuesday: The Judge of the World

On this day, the Lord teaches us about the Kingdom of Heaven, and the end of the World. The Lord talked with the disciples about faith and about the example made by the fig tree. The Pharisees sought to fight with Him in the temple, but the Lord used this time to speak to them with parables, such as the parables of the talents, in which He spoke to them about the Day of Judgment.
Wednesday: Day Of Love and Betrayal
The Lord spends the day in Bethany. He left the temple on Tuesday evening with no intent of coming back. On Tuesday, Jesus said to the Jews “your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say ‘Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord’” (Matt. 23:38,39). Both Matthew 26:6-13 and Mark 14:3-9 tell us about the jar of spikenard that was spread on Jesus head. The betrayal of Judas the Iscariot, including his agreement with the chief priests on the price he would get, is narrated in the four gospels, (Matt. 16:14), (Mark 14:10,11), (Luke 12:3-6) and (John 13:1-3).
Holy Thursday
Pascha is the word for “Passover” in all languages. But its meaning lies much deeper than this direct translation. St. Paul describes the life of Christianity as one that passes “from glory to glory.” In a similar way, the story of the Passover increases in intensity, meaning, and holiness throughout the ages. There are essentially three Passovers: each the fulfillment of God’s promise to save His people, allowing them to pass over from death to life. Each are a symbol of the final forgiveness of sins through the Holy Cross and the Lamb crucified upon its wood. These laws and commandments of the Old Testament were always “a shadow of the good things to come” (Hebrews 10:1).

The First Passover: Overcoming Temptation and Sin

The Second Passover: Faith and Baptism

The Third Passover: The Institution of the Eucharist
Good Friday
FIRST HOUR On Friday, Jesus began to be judged in front of a series of councils. The chief priests convened together and condemned the Savior so that they might deliver Him to Pilate to kill him. (Exposition) False witnesses came forth to falsely accuse Him. The “fierce witnesses” mentioned in Psalm 35:11 specifically refers to these false witnesses at the trial of Christ.

THIRD HOUR: Via Dolorosa

SIXTH HOUR: The Crucifixion


ELEVENTH HOUR: Taking Down From The Cross

Bright Saturday
Passover is a joyful celebration, from which we pass over from death to life, from sin to holiness, from Hades to Paradise. The glorious Church provides us with the same path from Good Friday to Easter through Apocalypse Saturday. This is also called “Bright Saturday” where the church is dressed in white, and filled with joyful hymns. We can hardly imagine what Eternity and the eternal life can be like. The answer is given to us this night when the Church takes us to heaven! Only those of us who have experienced this night in the church and attended the prayers can tell about their indescribable happy experience. This is the night of the passage from death to life. Joyful tunes replace the sad ones. Each tune starts sadly, then in the middle of it, becomes joyful, as we pass from death to life.

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Thank you Father


Thank you, Father, for all You have given me -- much more than I could even count.
For sunlight that streams into my window and warms my weary heart.
For moonlight on the nights I called out to You and let You wash away my tears.
For people who love me when I seem most unlovable but when I need their love the most. For giving them the grace.
For holding my heart when it is trembling.
For being that guiding Light when I am lost in the dark, with nowhere to go.
For caring enough to send the very best.
For the peace that my prayers are answered.
For the power you give to such a weak soul as mine when I reach out and touch you. When I say "Dear God..." and You flow through me and suddenly everything makes sense again.
For taking away the confusion when my heart is aching and when I do not understand.
For soothing the fears that plague me so I can hardly move.
For putting a smile on my face and laughter in my heart at the strangest times.
For music which causes my very soul to sing and soar on the clouds towards You.
For eyes to see the beauty of Your world -- each towering tree and misty sunset, each smiling face.
For voices which communicate love. To a heart so dry and hungering, they are like water.

For being the foremost of those voices, Lord, and the One who causes the rest to sing.
For the thrill of a new idea.

For the sweet serenity of a prayer answered -- a sweetness I hold close to me like a treasure,  and I say "My God loves me."

For loving me enough to not answer all my prayers.

For wisdom to know what's best for me, and the never-ending love to always dispose it.
For miracles, and the joy of knowing You ever deeper.
For loving me in the midst of my sin and bestowing blessings I could never deserve.
For the peace that infolds me with the simple knowledge that "Jesus cares."
For having the awesome power to move even the most formidable mountains. Mountains against which I struggle and rage and cry -- they are too big for me and I stand defeated. But You who made the stars and the earth and all the heavens can move them with the snap of a finger. And leave me awestruck with nothing to do but bow down to Your majesty with "Praise the Lord!" on my lips. And you say,  "I'm not through with you yet, my child. Show me the next mountain..."
For the great adventure of a life lived with You!
For being there when my spirit cries
For wiping the tears away from my eyes
For holding my heart close
For loving me when I need it the most
For touching me with moonlight when I call out to You in the empty night
For the stars and the peace and for my tears and the feeling of You that surrounds me, soothing my fears
For the times when You have sustained me and I didn't even know it was You, too blind to see that over all I do is the guiding touch of Your hand Jesus


Dear all

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